Thursday, July 11, 2019


There are a lot of people in the LGBTQ+ community that think we should be separate from LGBQ and a lot of them are also trans. But I say not so fast, yes LGBQ is about sexual orientation and we are gender identity and expression, however we have a lot in common… namely discrimination and the fact that the general population doesn’t see a difference between us. This article looks at one of the thing we have in common.
There’s a clear link between homophobia and transphobia, data confirms
The Pink News
By Nick Duffy
July 10, 2019

Researchers have found a clear link between people who hold anti-gay views and people who hold anti-transgender views.

The National Centre for Social Research analysed data from the long-running British Social Attitudes survey, which includes questions about both same-sex relationships and transgender people.

In a report published on Thursday (July 11), researchers identified a clear link between those who are likely to hold negative views about transgender people, and those who believe that same-sex relationships are unacceptable.
Is anyone surprised by this? The bigots do not see any difference from between us and gays and lesbians.
Stonewall’s Executive Director of Campaigns and Strategy Paul Twocock said previously: “We will only make progress if we stand together.

“We are a diverse community made up of lesbian, gay, bi and trans people, who come from different faiths, who live in different neighbourhoods and do different jobs. But we are united in our desire to create a world where we can be free to be ourselves.

“At such a vital time for trans equality, we strongly encourage everyone from across the LGBT community and beyond to be fierce, visible allies. We are strongest when we stand united. Together we will win this fight.”
I remember one time when I went up to Fantasia Fair early and at the B&B there was a group of lesbians staying there for Women’s Week, the B&B put out wine and cheese at 5. On one side of the living room sat the lesbians and on the other side sat the trans people, I forget how it started but somehow the topic of “coming out” came up and we began telling our stories. A couple of bottles of wine later we were one group not two.

We share a lot between gays and lesbians besides coming out, we share oppression and discrimination, we share the high suicide rates, we share high drug and alcohol abuse, and we share the violence.

I sometimes refer to it as the baseball bat test… when someone is beating up on a trans person they don’t [see] us as trans or gays but rather in their eyes they see us as the same.

We are one untied by bigotry and violence.

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  1. I agree that we "are one untied by bigotry and violence." However, as in a group, there are some who don't see it that way. Lesbians don't necessarily 'like' gay men. The same is true for gay men. And both may have exclusionary feelings about trans men and women. First, because we are trans. Second, because we're part of the 'opposite' gender they lack connection with.

    But as you said we have strength in numbers. Some years back HRC made the mistake of removing trans protections to the Equal Rights legislation which stained their reputation. They lost anyway. Now, they bend over backwards to show its strong inclusion of trans people. As LGBTQ is such a minority we very much need each other.