Saturday, July 20, 2019

A Walk Through History

It started off as a blog post about our walk yesterday morning and I wanted to write about where we walk but I came across some neat history of it.

Yesterday morning I went for a walk with a friend who is staying at the cottage and we walking on a trail called Hatches Harbor in the Cape Cod National Seashore located in Provincetown right at the tip of the Cape.

Here we are walking down through the pine barrens,

And glanced up and there was a flock of vultures circling overhead. Hmm… I didn’t think I was that bad to attract a bunch of vultures.

All of a sudden we were on the dike that was built in the in 1930 to control salt water mosquitoes and off to the left is Race Point Lighthouse.

As I said I found out something neat, they are opening up the area where the dike closed off. They are reintroducing salt water to kill off the invasion of Phragmites australis reeds and establish Spartina patens (salt hay grass) and S. alternifolia (smooth cord grass) to the marsh.

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