Wednesday, May 02, 2018

Would You Go To A Trans Senior Housing?

Would you go to a senior housing that is just for trans people?

Many would but also many would say it ghettoizes us, I would have to think long and hard about it. Many of my friends are trans but I also have a lot of cis gender friends.
A Retirement Home For Transgender People Is Opening In Pakistan
"These people, rejected by their loved ones, can live in this old home like a big family."
By Jeff Taylor
May 1, 2018

An activist in Pakistan is opening the country’s first retirement home for transgender people.

Aashi Butt, herself transgender, is opening the home to care for a community that is often forced to become sex workers, beg on the streets, or perform as song and dance entertainers in order to survive, until they age out of the profession, reports The Express Tribune.
So far, 60 people have signed up to live in the home, where they will not only be provided with food and shelter, but will also have access to free medical treatment. The facility will additionally include a lounge area, where residents can play games and watch TV, a small library, and a prayer corner.
In a country such as Pakistan it makes sense because of the hostility directed against us.
“These people, rejected by their loved ones, can live in this old home like a big family,” Butt said. She added that those living in the home “will be together in each other’s sorrow and happiness.”
Still, anti-transgender violence reamins an issue in Pakistan. Earlier this year, eight transgender women were shot on the street after fending off unwanted sexual advances. A spokesperson for the group Trans Action Pakistan (TAP) reported local officials further harassed the victims.
How about you?

Would you live in a LGBT senior housing?

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