Thursday, May 10, 2018

We Are Under Attack!

Don’t you just find it so ironic when evangelical Christians say they are under attack?

Have you seen any evangelical Christians being beaten and killed by the police?

Have you seen any evangelical Christians being beaten by white supremacist?

Have you seen any evangelical Christians being denied the right to marry?

Have you seen any evangelical Christians being told that they cannot use the bathroom?

Have you seen any evangelical Christians worrying about being erased…
Passport Peril
Why transgender Americans are so worried about Mike Pompeo serving as secretary of state.
By Evan Urquhart
March 15, 2018

Mike Pompeo, one of the most rabidly anti-LGBTQ politicians in America, is President Donald Trump’s pick to replace Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, bringing extreme Christian conservatism to the State Department. At the CIA, Pompeo’s views made members of the intelligence community deeply uncomfortable. If confirmed to State, he’ll be able to influence U.S. policy abroad in ways that negatively affects international efforts to address human rights abuses of LGBTQ people. He’ll also have the power to reverse hard-won improvements to the policy on gender changes for transgender individuals.

Before 2010, the government required sex reassignment surgery to change the gender marker on a U.S. passport. SRS procedures are expensive and complex, and many transgender people do not feel they need it. So in 2010, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton modernized the process to let people update the gender marker on a passport by providing either a doctor’s note certifying the applicant is undergoing treatment for gender transition or a birth certificate that has been updated to show the correct gender.
One of my concerns is that I will get a letter from the State Department ordering me to turn in my passport to “correct” a “mistake” in the gender marker. I wouldn’t put it pass the current administration’s purging of any LGBTQ changes that the Obama administration made.
Which brings me back to Pompeo. This is a man who canceled a speech at the CIA by the parents of hate-crime victim Matthew Shepard, co-sponsored acts attempting to slow the spread of marriage equality and protect religious discrimination against LGBTQ people, and opposed gay and lesbian military service in a speech at the 2011 Values Voter Summit—after the repeal of “don’t ask, don’t tell.” As secretary of state, Pompeo would have the authority to reverse the Obama-era change, once again requiring surgery to change a passport, or even prohibiting trans people from updating their passports at all.
Why is it that when the oppressed stand up against the oppressor we are being uppity, ungrateful, rebellious, and that we are picking on them?

So I find it laughable when the evangelical Christians say we are attacking them when they are doing everything that they can to deny our existence.

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  1. Diana I feel sick when I see what is happening in the US these days under this abysmal administration. Go Robert Mueller!!