Friday, May 11, 2018

Title IX

Title IX bans sex discrimination in schools and the courts are ruling it covers trans people also but in today’s climate schools are trying to wiggle out of protecting us.
College dumps transgender protections after GOP, community pressure
By Andrew Graham
May 10, 2018

Eastern Wyoming College’s board of trustees abandoned proposed policies protecting transgender employees and student athletes from discrimination Tuesday after an estimated 120-190 people showed up to oppose them.

Wyoming GOP chairman Frank Eathorne and state representative Cheri Steinmetz (R-Lingle) were among the crowd opposing the policies at the trustees meeting in Torrington. Eathorne was speaking for the Wyoming Republican Party when he opposed the policies, he told WyoFile.
Tuesday’s meeting came two weeks after a former Republican county party chairman was suspended from his job as a talk-radio host for making homophobic remarks on air during an interview with a Fremont County school superintendent. During the interview, host John Birbari took an initially anonymous phone call from Rep. Tim Salazar (R-Dubois), who joined in the questioning of the superintendent.

LGBTQ advocates in the state have begun to wonder if an anti-LGBTQ position has become mainstream for the Wyoming GOP.
I really don’t think that they have to wonder… it is.

The hate and bigotry of the Republican party is there to see and it is not just against us but also it is against anyone not a WASP.

There is an anti-conversion therapy rally that is scheduled at the Capitol in the near future and there is talk of a counter rally.

I am against the counter protest because…

  • The conversion therapy bill passed in the Senate 36 - 0 and in the House it was also nearly unanimous so there is strong bipartisan support for the law.
  • I think that a counter protest will lend credibility to the anti-conversion therapy people.
  • It looks like there isn't any support for the anti-conversion therapy protest (the last that I heard only 16 people signed up).
  • I don't think those who want a counter protest will have many people there either and it may look like that we don't have strong support for the law.

So I think we should just ignore the anti-conversion therapy protest and let them fall flat on their face when no one shows up, but we should have a statement ready to hand out.

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