Friday, May 11, 2018

It Is All About Jobs

The number one question that I hear from trans people is where can I get a job.

For those who are about to transition and are looking for a job, my advice to them is don’t. Don’t, if at all possible transition until after you find a job and you have at least one performance review under your belt. It becomes so much hard to fire you then because before the review all they have to say is that you couldn’t do the job you were hired to do. However, once you have that performance review stating that you do go work it will make it harder for cause.
Transgender community struggles with unemployment, MetroHealth hopes job fair will help
News 5 Cleveland
By Homa Bash
May 10, 2018

CLEVELAND - For the fourth year, MetroHealth will host a transgender job fair this Saturday, making Cleveland one of the few cities in the country to take on such an initiative.

Lourdes Negron-McDaniel is the director of inclusion and diversity for the MetroHealth system. She said according to research, the unemployment rate for transgender people is twice as high as the general population. For transgender people of color, the unemployment or underemployment rate is four times as high.

“It’s the right thing to do,” Negron-McDaniel said. “It is the right thing to do for us to create a safe space for a very vulnerable population to come professionally and seriously and search for employment.”

So far, MetroHealth has lined up 25 companies to be at the job fair — big names like the Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland Metroparks, Cuyahoga County Public Library, Giant Eagle, Hyland, Keller Williams, KeyBank, MetroHealth, PNC, Starbucks and more.
And they have 80 trans people who want to attend the job fair!

This is really great; this is great for the trans community.

Will it work here in Connecticut? It would be hard to do it here in Connecticut because of the small population base. What would be needed are two things, first thing is to get the word out to the trans community and the second is companies for the job fair.

Trying to find enough trans people to come will be a challenge because we are so spread out around the state and there is no one place to announce the job fair. Most trans people don’t attend support groups, many are not on social media and trying find them would be hard but not impossible. You would need two or three months to spread the word.

I was at a Target store the other day and there was a checkout person who may have been trans and I know of a number of big box stores that hire trans people and at the local super market they had a trans person working for them.

Having a job fair for trans people here in Connecticut is just hard but not impossible.

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