Thursday, May 17, 2018

We Cannot Fall Into The Trap

There can be many reasons why we are trans and not just one thing that makes us who we are, or it could even be a series of events that makes us trans and this might be one of them.
The Transgender Brain: New Insights
By Pauline Anderson
May 16, 2018

NEW YORK — There's the male brain and the female brain, and now researchers believe there may also be the transgender brain.

Generally, male and female brains differ with respect to total brain volume, gray matter volume, and cortical thickness. New imaging findings suggest that the brains of transgender individuals may "fall somewhere in between," at least from a volumetric standpoint, researcher Murat Altinay, MD, Center for Behavioral Health, Cleveland Clinic, Ohio, told Medscape Medical News.

"Classic medicine focuses on chromosomes, on genes, and on the body representation of gender, such as genital organs, but we're changing our focus to the brain, introducing the concept of 'brain gender' and saying that gender is actually in the brain," he said.
A lot trans people have been diagnosed with mental health disorders such ADHD and other autism spectrum disorders but they may have been masking or misdiagnosed gender dysphoria.
"A lot of LGBT [lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender] people, and especially transgender people, are misdiagnosed as having a mood disorder or anxiety, but in many cases, what inexperienced clinicians see as mood disorder is actually gender dysphoria," he said.

Some research suggests that mood disorders are overdiagnosed in the transgender population, Altinay added.
The article concludes with…
"The brain is the governing organ, and any dysregulation that occurs in the brain can absolutely change not just your maleness or femaleness from a biological perspective but also from a psychological perspective in terms of how you feel," she said.
However, we cannot take this as gospel, there may be many more factors that cause gender dysphoria and we cannot be ruled out of having gender dysphoria of our brain scans do not show this brain pattern, asking us is still the best way to find out if we are trans.

Last night ctEQUALITY held the first in a series of town hall meetings to find out what the LGBT community thinks are the important issues facing our community. Over 75 people showed up at the New Haven Pride Center.

The concerns were from healthcare, to banning Gay/Trans Panic defenses, to safe schools, and a whole host of other issues were discussed in the two hour session… it was an excellent discussion last night.

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  1. Note for ctEQUALITY meeting. Did anyone discuss what we are going to do when the baker, candle stick maker, florist or lunch counter refuses to serve us? Are we to respond as a community or stay silent and not rock the boat? Are we to call for a boycott of said business, picket line or other means. We all know that this religious freedom act is coming and will we be ready? Any response planned when the neo-Nazis, fascist and like march in our cities and towns? Do we as a community ignore them hoping they will go away just like in our stories before or will we form united fronts with other groups and fight back. Have we finally reached the point where we will no longer follow those who only wish us to work on one issue programs that only effect us, (usually translate to white comfortable, Gays and Lesbians) or will we once again understand that we are here there and everywhere and all issues are our issues. From the Trans women held in detention, to the ICE raids on hard working folks, to wage theft from workers, to full equality to all in support of the BLM movement. Will ctEQUALITY be prepared to issue statement of support for other movements in these fights? Or will they once again dupe us with one issue crap either because they do not see the connections, they are lazy or do not really understand the threat we are under. Fading away like flowers is not the answer.

    I wish I could have made it to the meeting but I had to work. No work no pay? These would have been some of the questions that I would have asked of the folks who are running ctEQUALITY