Wednesday, May 09, 2018

In The Spotlight

If you Google me you get something like 34,000 hits!

There is no doubt that I’m trans but I’m retired and not looking for a job; what happens if you are 18 and looking for a job?
Column: Two years later, transgender woman struggles with life's unique challenges away from national spotlight
Chicago Tribune
By Jerry Davich
May 8, 2018

Two years ago this week, Dakota Yorke became a national media darling after announcing her hopes to be crowned prom queen at Portage High School.

The transgender woman unintentionally blazed a trail for other transgender teens amid our country's “gender panic” controversies at that time. She continues to do so, though more under the radar these days.
Her new life took a detour to Wisconsin Dells, Wis. (population 3,000), where she lives with a relative, works as a server at two restaurants, and struggles with the realities of being a transgender woman in a small community.
After arriving in Wisconsin Dells, she landed a job at a retail clothing store, where she continues to work part time. She also works as a server at a popular national chain restaurant.

Yorke ended up moving back into her parent’s Portage home for four months while she figured out her next move.
Let’s face it, once you come out in the media your name is forever out there in cyberspace.

I am always torn the need to be seen and the consequences of coming out on young trans people.


Maybe I am an old grouch.

Yesterday I had to be at a function at 8:30 AM and I got stuck behind a school bus, I was about the tenth car behind the bus and the line of cars behind ended out of sight.

Yes, I realize that the school bus has to stop at houses along a busy street with no sidewalks, but… all the students were inside their houses, it wasn’t raining, the sun was out and the temperature  was in the 50s

Then when the bus stopped in front of their house, they didn’t run to the bus, they dragged their feet getting to the bus. It was like a contest of who could take the longest to get to the bus.

Meanwhile, the line of cars kept getting longer as the bus moved to the next house and then waited for the student to shuffle out of the house.

When I was a high school student you had to be at the bus stop when the bus came. I don’t know how many times I missed the bus because I wasn't at the bus stop when the bus came. I remember running with all my books a hundred feet from the bus when the driver looked at me, closed the door and drove off.

I don’t understand why the Board of Education doesn’t have a policy where you have to be standing next to the road when the bus comes. Also I do not understand why when there are sidewalks why the bus stops in front of the house instead of at one bus stop on a corner.


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