Sunday, February 11, 2018

Zipper That Lip

Censorship out west.

One state is trying to prevent anyone from talking about trans issues in schools, they want us to disappear.
This bill would prohibit South Dakota teachers from acknowledging transgender kids exist
So what happens to transgender students?
Think Progress
By Zack Ford
February 8, 2018

For the second year in a row, South Dakota could be the first state legislature to push through an anti-LGBTQ bill in 2018, and it’s a brand new kind of attack. The proposed bill would censor schools from discussing transgender issues until students are in eighth grade.

S.B. 160 is short. It adds the following to the state education code:
No instruction in gender identity or gender expression may be provided to any student in kindergarten through grade seven in any public school in the state.
The bill’s sponsor, state Sen. Phil Jensen (R), believes the issues aren’t age-appropriate and actually argues that they could get in the way of learning other skills. “I think we need to be focusing on reading, writing and arithmetic,” he said.

The bill is a new spin on a series of “no promo homo” laws that are on the books in seven other states. These laws vary from state to state in the way they either prohibit discussing homosexuality in schools or dictate teaching that homosexuality is harmful or even against the law — even though sodomy laws have been unenforceable since the Supreme Court overturned them in 2003. South Dakota’s bill would be the first to extend such censorship to gender identity issues.
This should be called “The Emperor Has No Clothes” bill, we are here and we will not go away no matter they try to do to sweep us under the rug.

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