Monday, February 05, 2018


What does being Politically Correct mean?

People get mad when you say “Happy Holidays”

People get mad when you say “Undocumented immigrants”

People get mad when you say “mail carrier”

What do all these have in common?
Transgender student: professor refused to use preferred pronoun
New York Post
By Dean Balsamini
February 3, 2018

An 88-year-old NYU psychology professor is under fire for, among other things, not using the preferred pronouns in referring to transgender students.

August Enzer, a transgender man, lodged a complaint in November against Professor Edgar Coons, who has been teaching at the college since 1965.

The junior is demanding the professor be disciplined and the resolution be made public, according to the Washington Square News, NYU’s student newspaper.

Enzer told the paper Coons made “transphobic” comments during his Introduction to Psychology course freshman year, even using the term “abnormalities” in referring to transgender individuals during a class about gender and sexuality.
What this has in common with the above comments is RESPECT!

Using proper pronouns, using “mail carrier”, using “Happy Holidays” are show respect for other people.

When you use “Mailman” you not acknowledging the fact than many mail carriers are women. When you use “Merry Christmas” you are ignoring the fact that many other religions have their observances around the same time of the year.

When you use the wrong pronouns you are not showing respect for the trans person. You are not acknowledging the student’s identity or using the phrase of today’s young people; you are “dissing them,” you are disrespecting us.
The conflict has sparked a passionate campus debate.

“This is insane … gender politics is a relatively new phenomena and I bet a lot of the older professors aren’t aware of these nuances,” wrote one commenter to the student newspaper story.
Funny how my older relatives had no problem with respecting my wishes.

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