Monday, February 12, 2018

Even China Recognizes Us

The courts over in China just ruled in our favor…
Chinese court says employers should not treat workers differently based on gender identity
Hong Kong Free Press
By Catherine Lai
8 February 2018

A Chinese court has maintained an original ruling in favour of a transgender man who sued his former employer for allegedly discriminating against him. It said that employers should not treat workers differently based on their gender identity and expression.

Known as “Mr. C,” the plaintiff was born as a woman but identifies as a man. He was dismissed after working for just over a week at a health centre named Ciming Checkup in the southwestern province of Guizhou.

The plaintiff won the case against his former employer in January 2017 – the first such unfair dismissal case in China. However, the court found no evidence that he was dismissed because of discrimination against transgender people.
Hmm… I think it lost something in translation because,
According to an excerpt of the verdict posted online by LGBT NGO Common Language, which has been following the case, the court said: “An individual’s gender identity and gender expression falls within the protection of general personality rights, [everyone] should respect others’ rights to gender identity and expression.”
“Workers should not experience differential treatment based on their gender identity and expression.”

The NGO said it was the first time that a court in China has made this recommendation.
Hopefully we will continue winning court cases here in the U.S. but as Trump and the Republicans pack the courts with judges who put the Bible before the Constitution I don’t know what the future lies for us.

I worry about our future; it is one thing to argue the points of the Constitution about of we are covered  by it but it is entirely another thing to ignore the Constitution and use a Bible as your guide.

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