Friday, April 26, 2013

Worry For Nothing

The funeral went smoothly, I was worrying about meeting my former colleagues from work at the funeral but as usual I worried for nothing.

I did feel awkward because I knew them all before I transitioned it was hard to feel like Diana. There is something called “mirroring” which is how people perceive you is reflected back to you. In other words, the more you are treated as a woman the more you feel like a woman. Well at the funeral there was no mirroring and I feel like “Don” not Diana. It was nothing that anyone did consciously it was more because of the way we interacted, everyone called me Diana and used female pronouns but there was no spark. I think it was because it was an all male environment, the only women that were there were to support staff and the other engineers that I was with were all talking shop.

Afterward I went with the former HR Director out to lunch at Coyote Flaco Mexican Restaurant and we had a nice lunch together. She loved the restaurant and wants to bring her husband the next time they’re in Hartford.

No to the alumni bash…

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