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Etiquette: the conduct or procedure required by good breeding or prescribed by authority to be observed in social or official life.

I believe that the important part of the definition is “good breeding” and “observed in social… life.” When you in a space you should respect the rules of that space, in other words etiquette or common sense.
Transgender woman banned from Idaho grocery store over restroom use
NBC News
By Laura Zuckerman, Reuters

SALMON, Idaho -- A transgender woman whose use of a women's restroom in an Idaho grocery store reportedly upset other customers has been cited for trespassing and banned from the store for a year, police said on Friday.
"The store security officer said he had been dealing with a problem over a couple days with the person going into the women's restroom and urinating while standing up," Lanier said.
Do you think this trans-women respected the etiquette of the bathroom or show common sense?

As we fight for our rights we are facing stronger opposition. We are seeing this used against us and proposed laws like the one the Arizona Rep. John Kavanagh introduced this month where you have to use the bathroom that is on your birth certificate.

I believe that we should be able to use the bathroom of our gender expression, but people THINK and show respect for the space that we use! With rights come responsibilities.

Update 4/16/13:
This article on the Huffington Post changes everything; according to the article she had surgery…
Ally Robledo, Transgender Woman, Cited For Trespassing After Using Women's Bathroom In Idaho
The Huffington Post
By Meredith Bennett-Smith
Posted: 04/15/2013

Robledo told the station that she has already undergone one gender re-assignment surgery. In the past, Robledo said using male restrooms led to feelings of embarrassment and harassment, and that she sometimes she even feared for her safety.
But after I posted that I found this...
Transgender woman banned from Idaho grocery store
LGBTQ Nation
Associated Press
April 15, 2013

Ally Robledo, 25, of Lewiston, identifies herself as female but has not yet had gender reassignment surgery. Robledo, who was born Alberto, said she was leaving a Rosauers supermarket in Lewiston late on April 8 when police officers gave her paperwork informing her that she had a “no trespassing” order against her for using the women’s restroom.
If she did have surgery then this is a case of discrimination, it is not justified to ban a person because they make other people feel uncomfortable. If she didn't have surgery and she was peeing standing up, she is wrong but shouldn't be arrested.

The bottom line is that you should respect the space you are no matter what.

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  1. I'm torn between supporting the social norm and supporting the trans person. But if I had to make a decision, I'd rule against the trans person in this case for one and only one reason. If a M2F transgendered person enters a woman's loo, she should be expected to use the loo in the same way a natal woman would. Is it that hard to sit down to pee? I have no problem doing so - and most M2F pre/non-op transpersons would say the same.... There are unwritten social conventions that must be learned and respected....