Monday, April 01, 2013

All Arizonians Speak-Up!

We can’t let Senate Bill 1045 travesty pass! Call you legislators and tell them to vote against the bill!
Transgender Law Center Outraged by Discriminatory Arizona Bill

AZ Bill SB1045 Would Permit Businesses to Discriminate Against Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming People

SAN FRANCISCO – Transgender Law Center is gravely concerned that a pro-discrimination bill introduced by Arizona Representative John Kavanagh would have devastating consequences for transgender people and their families.

Arizona Senate Bill 1045, dubbed “no loo for you” by local residents, would permit business owners to restrict access to gender-specific facilities based on a person’s gender identity or gender expression. Designed to eviscerate recent LGBT protections passed by the Phoenix City Council, the proposed state bill would prohibit local governments from creating or enforcing nondiscrimination laws meant to protect transgender people from discrimination.
Ilona Turner, Legal Director said, “This bill encourages discrimination and harassment by singling out transgender people to deny them legal protections against discrimination. This effort is bigoted, harmful, and unnecessary. The last thing Arizona needs right now is another embarrassing and costly lawsuit. We urge Arizona’s legislators to halt the progress of this destructive bill.”
This bill will not only effect trans-people but also any women who doesn’t look womanly enough. They will also be challenged to product their birth certificate and it will not just happen to them once but over and over again when they try to use a public bathroom. This bill is vindictive and transphoblic. You better look like a woman when you use a bathroom in Arizona because otherwise you will be asked for your papers.

The committee vote was right down party lines there was not one Democrat who voted in favor of the bill and all of the Republicans voted for the bill. I have a discussion with someone who doesn’t think I should blame the Republicans but instead blame conservatives or the far-right. But I’m sorry but when every Republican votes for this bill, it is the Republicans. And I think you are going to see the same thing when the bill is voted on in the legislature, it is going to right down party lines.

I’ve seen it here in Connecticut when our gender non-discrimination bill was voted on in 2011; it was right down party lines. The Republicans introduced an amendment to require you to use the bathroom on your birth certificate, they also introduced amendments to require us to register with the Department of Motor Vehicles to add a notation to our driver license to indicate that we are trans, we called that amendment the “Scarlett Letter” bill. They also introduced a bill that raised the level of crime up one level if you committed a crime while crossdressed, so if it was a misdemeanor it could be raised to a felony. These amendments were basically party votes, with Republicans voting for them.

If you look at any bill in any state that had gender identity and expression the votes were along party lines. 

Do you think that any of the legislators even thought about trans-men? Do they even realize that you are going to have men in the women’s bathrooms and locker rooms?

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