Sunday, November 21, 2010

Saturday Six – Episode 345

Patrick’s Place Saturday Six – Episode 345

1. What do you most look forward to about Thanksgiving week?
Being with the family.

2. How many people do you plan to have around the Thanksgiving dinner table this year?
Five, my brother and his wife, my niece and her son and myself. My nephews will be with their in-laws this Thanksgiving.

3. What Thanksgiving food do you most look forward to?
The leftovers, my favorite is a turkey sandwich with stuffing, gravy and cranberry sauce. And a Liptor on the side.

4. Which Thanksgiving food do you avoid?
The squash and green beans (not together, but separate dishes)

5. Take the quiz:
What Fall Spice Are You?

You Are Cinnamon

You are warm and friendly. You are a social creature and a true extrovert.
You are welcoming, and you love to have people over to your place. You make everyone feel at home.

You are sweet, but you aren't overwhelming. You know how to be subtle with people. You have tact.
You love life, and people love to be around you. You are very popular without trying to be.

6. What aroma most reminds you of fall?
Pumpkin pie or apple pie.

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