Tuesday, December 04, 2007

This and That

I just emailed off my last paper for the Micro Theories class that was due today. The paper was on Behavior Modification, which is what I need so I will not procrastinate and finish the paper on the day its due. Now I just have to wait for the professor to post the grade. I got a “B” in my Research I class, which brought my GPA down a little.

You never know where your photo might turn up. I saw a YouTube video of Saturday’s night Entertainment Tonight from last May and low and behold, there I was for a couple of seconds. It really is not worth watching, if you know where to look you can see me way up in back on the left on the Capital steps and it is about 3:15 into the clip. The video clip was mainly about Donna Rose and a few other women who transitioned.

In January, I am attending Lobbyist training at an office in Hartford. The workshops I signed up for are; Legislative Process 101, Issues and Tactics, Lobbying One on One and Building Networks and Coalitions. This training is by a non-profit lobbying firm in Hartford and I have worked with them on the Anti-Discrimination legislation.
So by the time I have finished with all the training I will be well ahead in Community Organization when I have to take it as a class, I will have attended five or more seminars on grassroots organizing.

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