Friday, December 21, 2007

Creative Cocktail Hour

Last night I went to the Real Art Ways’ Creative Cocktail Hour and a friend snapped this picture of me…
A couple of us went out first to a local diner Goldroc and then we headed over to RAW. We ate dinner at five and then headed over to the CCH slightly before it started at six. I stayed to around eight and then left, I can only stand loud music for a couple of hours before it gets to me. When you are trying to carry on a conversation it is hard to be understood with the music thumping away; so maybe next month I might skip the dinner or go later to dinner in order to get to the CCH around seven-thirtyish so that I can stay a little later.

Real Art Ways is an avant-garde art gallery that pushes the edge of the art envelop (translated: sometimes the exhibits are so far out that I have trouble understanding what the artist is trying to say.) they have two galleries. One gallery they change monthly and the other exhibit is on display for several months. They also have a movie theater that shows independent movies that you do not get to see in mainstream theaters. Last week I went to see the Pete Seeger movie “Pete Seeger: The Power of Song” which was excellent; it brought back many memories of the sixties and seventies.

Amended 3:00pm
While I was at the CCH I was talking to a friend about the Pete Seeger movie and I was trying to remember the name of a musician who sang a lot of Seeger’s songs. I just couldn’t remember his name and said, "You know, the who can’t sing!” and she said, “Oh you mean Bob Dylan”. We both had a chuckle over that.


  1. I'm cracking up: we have an ongoing joke here about Bob's voice, too. ;-)

    Ironically, we are also participating in something called CCH this weekend...not at all the same thing, but kind of freaky when I saw you mention it.

  2. Oh, damn, and then I forgot to say why I started a comment in the first place:

    This is a GREAT photo of you!

  3. It's great to see a shot of you and I agree with Cat, you look wonderful! Very relaxed and happy. That's great to see. :-)

    Some of those avant-garde pieces really are out there, but it can be so much fun to look and try to figure it out.

    I'm laughing at the Dylan comment too. His style ;-)

  4. hey, that's me behind you!

  5. If you want me to take down the photo or blank you out of the photo, let me know.