Saturday, December 01, 2007

The NY Power Summit Conference is Over

Tomorrow I will be leaving early because of the snowstorm that is forecast for tomorrow. I learned a lot about how to build a grassroots organization, network between organization and door–to-door canvassing. I meet a number of trans-people from across the northeast and attending a trans-caucus, setting up a regional network.

Today I drove a couple of people out to a suburb and followed them around in my car as they went door-to-door in the neighborhood. I really do not think that is not a viable tactic for the trans-community, we just do not have the people to do that with and our members are too closeted for it to be affective. But it was good practice to putting together a plan and a team to go out like that.

Last night they had a social at an Indian restaurant. When we got there we walked into the wrong banquet room; an Indian birthday party was going on. The women were all dressed sarongs and the men in suits; I walked in on them with an African-American lesbian couple. We all stopped and looked at each others, and I said we got the wrong room to my friends. When I left the room I started laughing; the look on their faces was priceless when they saw us, one six foot trannie and two African-American women holding hands, their jaws just dropped. I didn’t like the food it was too spicy for me, I was up at three in the morning popping antacids.

The conference was good and was put together well, they made an effort to be trans-inclusive. Now if I can avoid battling the snow on the way home tomorrow.

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