Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Dancing and Doing a Jig!

My grades for my Fall semester were just posted…
I got a “B” in Research I and an “A-“ in Human Behavior in a Micro Social Environment. I was expecting (or hoping for) a “B” in Research and a “B+” in Micro theories, so I was pleasantly surprised with an “A-”. My overall GPA is 3.350, which for me is excellent considering that the last time I was in college graduated with a 2.0, just barely squeaked by.
Research I was mostly memorization of terms and research methods, which I have, a hard time memorizing, but Micro theories was mainly about processes, which I am good at visualizing. However, I am still struggling with grammar; it never was my strong point. I like to joke, “I are a ingineer.” I know I have to work harder to over come that liability.
Next semester I am taking “Grassroots Neighborhood Organizing”...
CORG 370 – 3 credits
Elective for the Urban Issues in Social Work Focused Area of
Provides intensive instruction for students who wish to become practitioners or trainers in grassroots neighborhood model of organizing. Examines Alinsky’s model of organizing and the refinement of that model.
I have a feeling that I am going to do well in that class, I think that I have a little knowledge in that.