Saturday, May 15, 2021

Saturday 9: Don't Get Around Much Anymore

Sam’s Saturday 9: Don't Get Around Much Anymore (1942)

On Saturdays I take a break from the heavy stuff and have some fun…

Unfamiliar with this song? Hear it here.

1) In this song, our lonely Romeo shares how he amuses himself these days. Which of the activities that he mentions have you most recently enjoyed: playing solitaire, reading a book, or listening to the radio?
Playing solitaire and listening to an audiobook.

2) The lead singer is tenor Bill Kenny. Which range is your voice: soprano, alto, tenor or bass?
I have no idea because I don’t sing and also I have idea what vocal are for bass and tenor.

3) When Bill was on vacation in Atlantic City, he entered a series of talent contests and won 21 of 22. This led to his first professional booking. Tell us about a vacation of yours that took an unexpected turn.
None. My vacations are pretty dull.

4) This song was composed by Duke Ellington. He received many honors, including a coin struck in his honor. In 2009, he graced the District of Columbia's commemorative quarter. Do you save coins in a jar or piggy bank?
I am now, they removed all the coin counting machines from bank and put them in grocery stores where they get a cut of your change. My local bank no longer gives out coin tubes they are forcing you to use the machines in stores.

5) In 1976, Stevie Wonder recorded a tribute to Ellington called "Sir Duke." What's your favorite Stevie Wonder song?
Isn't She Lovely

How about a 12 year old Stevie Wonder…

6) The lyrics were written by Bob Russell. When he began his career, he shared an apartment with future novelist and TV screenwriter Sidney Sheldon. Have you ever tried your hand at writing lyrics, a novel or a screenplay?
Ha, ha. Are you kidding?

7) In 1942, when this record was released, the federal government established a rationing system to conserve crucial supplies for our troops. Sugar was the first food to be rationed, followed by coffee and then meat. If you were around back then, which of those items do you think you'd miss the most?

8) Also in 1942, actor/singer Peter Tork was born. Without looking it up, do you know why Peter Tork was famous?

Most definitely… Hey, hey, we’re the Monkeys.
I believe that he lived in Connecticut and from time to time used to drop in to night clubs on open mic nights to play.

Update 8:50 AM: Here is his obituary in the Hartford Courant.

9) Random question -- Have you ever deliberately lost a game?
No, I am a cutthroat when it comes to board games.

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  1. #4 -- Have you tried CVS? The Coinstar machine in my local store gives you full value if you take it as a CVS or Amazon giftcard. I *always* need something from CVS or Amazon!

  2. I haven't taken change to the bank or asked for the wrappers in forever. I wonder if our banks have quit taking your change?

  3. You all are making me want to read! I am on a reading break until school gets out, which is in two weeks.
    I would also miss chocolate. Loved your answers! Have a nice weekend.

  4. There's something to be said for dull vacations. Sometimes the busy, adventure-filled ones leave me exhausted.

  5. I think chocolate means you'd miss the sugar the most. My bank will still take the coins in wrappers, but we haven't taken them in in so long that I can't lift the box they're in. So I guess they'll just sit there.

  6. My bank takes coins and I don't have to wrap them because they have their own coin machine. I would miss chocolate.