Thursday, October 17, 2019

Too Good To Be True

When I saw that Utah was trying to pass a ban on conversion therapy I thought wow… the Mormon Church is allowing that! Well it was too good,
Mormon Church Opposes Utah’s ‘Conversion Therapy’ Ban, Calling It Overreaching
The practice has been condemned by leading medical and mental health groups. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is standing behind it.
Huff Post
By Nina Golgowski
October 17, 2019

Lawmakers’ latest attempt to ban so-called conversion therapy on LGBTQ youth in Utah is under threat by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS) after the influential religious group released a statement publicly condemning a ban.

The Mormon church, as the faith is commonly known, called the proposed ban overreaching, claiming it does not protect individuals’ religious beliefs or “account for important realities of gender identity in the development of children.”
However, the governor supports the ban…
Utah Gov. Gary Herbert (R), who’s a member of the LDS church, back in June had proposed regulating how psychologists practice conversion therapy, saying he was “troubled” by it.
So we are going to have to wait to see who wins, the governor or the church.

This will be the first in a while where I will not be attending Fantasia Fair. Fan Fair starts on Sunday with a reception and end the following Sunday with a brunch. Eight days en fem.

The first time that I went was back in 2000, I went for three days and I liked it so much that I have been going just about every year since. I’ve been to other conventions but they were all in the same motel, even though you’re en fem for three or four days you are pretty much isolated from the general public but at Fan Fair you walk around town meeting tourists and the town’s folk. You wander around window  shopping and eat lunch (which is provided as part of Fan Fair), one time when I was walking down the main drag… um… street I overheard a husband comment to his wife; “There are a lot of tall women in town, I wonder if there’s a women’s basketball game tonight?”

It was during Fan Fair that I first felt rain on my stockings. It was during Fan Fair that I first walked down a street in a snow storm. It was at Fan Fair that for the first time I was in a hot tube with seven lesbians. (Did I mention that the first day of the fair is the last day of Women’s Week)

The reason that I cannot attend Fan Fair is that I have to do training for the Connecticut Court system, I have 17 signed up for my workshop on Wednesday. This will be the second time that I did training for the court system and next week’s training is for the Judicial Branch’s 2019 Diversity Week. I got invited because a therapist couldn’t give the training that week and he recommended me.

Then next Friday I am on a panel talking about trans athletes.This invite came about because of my internship for my MSW at the Connecticut Women Education and Legal Fund (CWEALF)

I will be up on the Cape tomorrow but I think that I will be going to the Wellfleet Oyster festival and then I will be sanding down the radiators in the cottage to get them ready to paint before I leave on Tuesday. I will then head back up to the Cape on Saturday and come home on the 28th.

Today I am down in New Haven teaching two classes on public health at Southern Connecticut State University

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