Monday, October 21, 2019

Have You Heard The One About…

Isn’t that how jokes begin? Well this is no joking matter, this is how the opposition sees us.
The Origins of the Transgender Movement
The National Review
By Madeleine Kearns
October 14, 2019

Editor’s Note: This article has been adapted from remarks delivered at a Heritage Foundation summit.

I’ve been asked to talk about the origins of transgenderism and how it relates to children and their exploitation. But first, I would like to start with a little story.
I’ve been asked to get to the origins of this movement, and I’m going to try to do that. Of course, as you know, it’s just one stripe of the rainbow, and I couldn’t possibly do it justice in ten minutes, but I’ll do my absolute best. There are three things that I think have been changing since the mid-20th century. The first is in medicine, the second is what I like to call an ontology of desire, and the third is what I and others call the politicization of everything.
So what does she think started the trans movement?

She starts off with the movie “The Danish Girl and our favorite doctor Paul McHugh and then goes on from there to Ray Blanchard and Anne Lawrence and their debunked theory of autogynophilia. Then she blames it on the internet…
The third point is the massive cultural and political tidal wave. The thing is, in the 1990s people might have been forgiven for thinking, “This will never catch on. This is so outrageous. This is absurd.” They would obviously be right, but the thing was the Internet and all these other things came into play. Society had just gotten used to defining whole sections of the population by their desires with regards to homosexuality, which was trying to correct genuine injustices that gay people faced in this country and still face across the world. They overcorrected and they became obsessed with identity. We moved further and further away from the sort of vision that Martin Luther King set out. We started to lose sight of all these different intricacies with regard to sexuality. Then, trans piggybacked onto gay rights, which had piggybacked onto civil rights.
Gee she must have never heard of Stonewall? Or the Cooper’s Donuts Uprising of 1959, or the 1965 Dewey’s Lunch Counter Protest or even the Compton Cafeteria Uprising in 66?

Of course she interviewed a Drag Queen…
Davis yesterday was agreeing with me. While he was saying that for him it’s about performance, he recognizes that when he’s in bars and other public places, people come up to him at the end, and it’s all about sex for them. As an adult, who knows that and understands that, he can deal with it. He can say whether he wants to get involved or not — after all, it’s a free country — but why would we put children in that situation? Why would we invite salacious interest in children by dressing them up in drag? We shouldn’t do that, and I’m referring here to a whole new phenomenon called “drag kids.”

The argument we’re supposed to accept rather unthinkingly is that, “Oh you’re just being bigoted, and you’re just prejudiced, because this about self-expression.” And I’m thinking well no, because yes children dress up, but again, it’s context dependent.
The author totally ignores the fact that autogynophilia and Rapid Onset of Gender Dysphoria is based on junk science. That there has been zero research done on them, they are based on flawed inquiries and psychologist J. Michael Bailey admitted that in his book that it was all anecdotal. But that doesn’t stop the conservatives from using it, after all they have initials after their name so it must be true.

This article would be a joke if it was for the fact that conservatives believe it.

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