Sunday, September 15, 2019

Sad News…

Two more deaths of trans women have been reported this week bring the death toll this year to eighteen that we know about.
Two transgender women were killed in a week. 18 transgender people have been killed this year
By Christina Maxouris
September 14, 2019

(CNN)Bee Love Slater is the 18th known transgender person to be killed this year, the Human Rights Campaign said.

The 23-year-old woman was found in a burned car this month in Clewiston, Florida, CNN affiliate WBBH reported.

"She was a people person," Desmond Vereen, who organized a vigil after Slater's death, told the affiliate. "She loved to be around people and meeting new people too because of her new lifestyle that she transitioned to."
Slater was killed in the same week as 17-year-old Bailey Reeves, a transgender woman who was shot on Labor Day.

Reeves was shot in a Baltimore neighborhood after she left a party, CNN affiliate WMAR reported.

"It was uncalled for, there was no reason for it," her brother, Thomas Reeves, told CNN affiliate WBFF. The affiliate reported she was suffering from several gunshot wounds.
So many of us who were murdered their bodies were also mutilated and we mustn’t forget that they were someone’s child.
‘That was my child’: Transgender deaths devastate families
By Martha Waggoner
September 12, 2019

LUMBER BRIDGE, N.C. (AP) — “Okay, Mommy. I love you.”

That was Brenda Scurlock’s last text from her son, Avery, before he was shot eight times, his body abandoned in a field in eastern North Carolina.

Scurlock had always worried about Avery’s safety. He was young and black in a society where those qualities could make him vulnerable.
Avery, 23, was one of 18 transgender people slain so far this year in the U.S., according to the Human Rights Campaign . Seventeen were black transgender women , including two killed within two weeks of each other in South Carolina. A woman in Dallas who became a vocal advocate for transgender rights after she was attacked in April was killed in May in what the mayor described as “mob violence.” In Detroit, a black transgender woman and two gay men were killed in an attack that two other people survived.
We need to work to end the violence. We need to end the hate against us.

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