Friday, March 15, 2019

Once Again…

…We see Republicans dreaming up some evil laws to be used against us.
Taxpayer-funded transgender services jeopardize Medicaid
Des Moines Register
By Todd Blodgett,
March 14, 2019

Medicaid, while costly and sometimes abused, rightfully provides health care assistance to poor people. But it may soon become much more expensive, more susceptible to fraud, and grossly unpopular.

That’s because on March 7, Iowa’s Supreme Court justices mandated that Medicaid must pay for gender-change surgeries. The Iowa Civil Rights Act, as amended in 2007, prohibits discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity in the areas of housing, employment, education, credit practices and public accommodations.  But the justices over-reached by holding that elective, cosmetic, gender-altering procedures are an entitlement, and required by that law’s public accommodations clause.

That’s ludicrous, especially considering that the health insurance policies of Iowa’s public employees don’t cover such operations, and health care plans serving nearly all Iowa private-sector workers, retirees and students also deny such coverage.

When former Gov. Chet Culver, a Democrat, signed the civil rights act update, which most Republican legislators opposed, he said: “Intolerance and discrimination have no place in our state.”  That’s good.  But this egregious ruling discriminates against Iowans who oppose their tax dollars being spent on transgender surgeries.
Here in Connecticut when the gender inclusive non-discrimination law was passed the insurance commissioner issued a bulletin saying that insurance companies must cover all medical necessary healthcare that are covered for cisgender people.

Well that got the dander up of a Republican representative who then introduced a bill to strip our insurance. His stated reason for this bill was a constituent ask him for the bill and that the legislature never voted on health insurance for trans people. But public accommodation have been interpreted to include insurance coverage, so in effect the legislature did vote in favor of insurance coverage and the same is true for Iowa.

The Republicans only want to rally their bigoted voter base.

On Tuesday I wrote about an Ohio appeals court has overturned a judge's decision to deny a transgender 15-year-old a legal name change. Well the ball was back in his court.
Warren County Judge Reverses His Decision To Deny Name Change To Transgender Teen
By Associated Press
March 15, 2019

A Warren County probate judge has reversed his earlier denial of a transgender teen's name change request following a rebuke from a state appeals court.
He got his slapped by the appeals court and he saw the light!

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