Wednesday, July 11, 2018

We Have It Good…

Here in Connecticut we have just about every law you can imagine protecting us but some states have it a lot worst,
Ohio family says judge violated transgender son's rights by denying name-change request
By:  NBC4 Staff
July 10, 2018

LEBANON, OH (WCMH) - A family in southwest Ohio says a judge violated their transgender son’s civil rights when he denied the teen’s request to legally change his name and now they’re appealing the decision.

Leigh and Kylen Whitaker went to Warren County Probate Court Tuesday morning to file an appeal against a decision by Judge Joseph Kirby. Last month, Kirby denied a request from the Whitakers to change their son’s name from Heidi to Elliott.
“He started out by asking us, ‘Did this all start when all of this stuff came out in the media?’” Leigh said. “And we didn’t know what he was talking about and later on, he clarified he was talking about when Bruce Jenner came out [as transgender].”
But Kirby wasn’t convinced that Elliott truly wanted to change his name.
“Children change significantly and rapidly,” Kirby wrote in his decision. WKRC reports Kirby also told Elliott to ask for the name change again when he becomes an adult.
Here in Connecticut the judge where I had my name change was more interested in where I was going to have surgery. I have heard of one judge down in the Gold Coast (Fairfield county, the strong Republican territory) refusing to grant fee waivers for us but from what I heard he was informed of his errors.

Note, just because we have “just about every law you can imagine protecting us” does mean we do not have discrimination; what it does mean is that people now use covert discrimination instead of overt discrimination. However, we are much better off than most states.

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