Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Same Old, Same Old

Another attack by the oppressors on the oppressed. I always find it highly “ironic” (if that is the right word) when those who are oppressing others become incensed when the oppressed rise up.
Transgender Fury: What Happened to Civil Discourse?
CNS [Christian News Service]
By Eric Metaxas
July 9, 2018

You’ve heard the old saying that starts, “Hell hath no fury”? It pretty well describes recent transgender activists.

If you want to see how far down the slope civic discourse has slid in the land of free speech and “tolerance,” I give you an article in The Atlantic by Jesse Singhal entitled, “When Children Say They’re Trans.”

Rather than the unabashed cheerleading you might expect in a secular, progressive magazine, the article is surprisingly balanced. And that’s just the problem for transgender activists.
Well if you read the Atlantic article… it is not balanced.

It tells of one child struggle with her identity, it turns out that she decided she is not trans. If she had a competent therapist I think she would never have gotten as far as she did.

Another article in The Atlantic says about her…
Sixth grade had been difficult for her. She’d struggled to make friends and experienced both anxiety and depression. “I didn’t have any self-confidence at all,” she told me. “I thought there was something wrong with me.” Claire, who was 12 at the time, also felt uncomfortable in her body in a way she couldn’t quite describe. She acknowledged that part of it had to do with puberty, but she felt it was more than the usual preteen woes. “At first, I started eating less,” she said, “but that didn’t really help.”
Claire found in MilesChronicles and similar YouTube videos a clear solution to her unhappiness. “I just wanted to stop feeling bad, so I was like, I should just transition,” she said. In Claire’s case, the first step would be gaining access to drugs that would halt puberty; next, she would start taking testosterone to develop male secondary sex characteristics. “I thought that that was what made you feel better,” she told me.
It seems to me that she didn’t display any of the characteristics of trans children, a strong persistent, insistence of gender dysphoria. It seems to me a good therapist who specializes in gender dysphoria would have picked it up.

The article goes on to quote the Standard of Care,
There is no shortage of information available for parents trying to navigate this difficult terrain. If you read the bible of medical and psychiatric care for transgender people—the Standards of Care issued by the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (Wpath)—you’ll find an 11-page section called “Assessment and Treatment of Children and Adolescents With Gender Dysphoria.” It states that while some teenagers should go on hormones, that decision should be made with deliberation: “Before any physical interventions are considered for adolescents, extensive exploration of psychological, family, and social issues should be undertaken.” The American Psychological Association’s guidelines sound a similar note, explaining the benefits of hormones but also noting that “adolescents can become intensely focused on their immediate desires.” It goes on: “This intense focus on immediate needs may create challenges in assuring that adolescents are cognitively and emotionally able to make life-altering decisions.”
Yeah so a good therapist specializing in gender dysphoria would have picked up on “adolescents can become intensely focused on their immediate desires.”

Okay so when we objected to the bias in the article Eric Metaxas writes that we are,
And of what should Singhal be so decisively ashamed? According to David Marcus, who critiqued the resulting frenzy in an article for The Federalist, “The article is a balanced and nuanced look … at a challenge facing a growing number of families in the United States. Along with stories of successful child gender reversals, it also tells of near misses and unfixable mistakes.”
Well first of all The Federalist is not unbiased. According to MarketWatch The Federalist is “Selective Incomplete Story: Unfair Persuasion.”

The article in CNS ends with...
Chuck Colson [The former Special Counsel to President Richard Nixon] saw this lack of civility, this over-the-top fury, running rampant in our national discourse firsthand, and he correctly identified it not merely as a political problem, but as a worldview problem. He specifically labeled it as a lack of courtesy.
Okay so you say we are not being civil when you beat us down and we fight back. What are supposed to do? Thank you when you are beating us down.

Of course we are mad, you are saying we are mentally ill, you are trying to make it impossible to go the bathroom, you are allowing doctors to refuse to treat us when we are dying, you are allowing stores to refuse to serve us, and you are doing everything you can to force us back into the closet.

What’s next… checking to see if we have three items of clothing from our birth gender?

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