Wednesday, July 04, 2018

Life Long Friendships

I still am friends with some of my high school friends, undergraduate friends I haven’t seen since I graduated back in ’74.

Graduate school; I still see many of my UConn School of Social Work and I have worked alongside them on many projects; there are some meetings that it is like a class reunion because so many UConn SSW grads there.

When I was in K-12 I was in my own little bubble, from what I know today I think that I had a learning disability, I know I am dyslexic and I am pretty sure that I have some other learning and social disorders.

Where I worked for 28 years I made many friends but once work shut down I haven’t seen any of my former associates, we all went our separate ways. Once a year some of them get together for lunch but I have been able to make it to one of the lunches.

Most of my non-trans friends are from grad school or are social workers or are someway connected to my activism. Before I came out I didn’t know any lesbians or gays nor did I know many blacks or Latinos, my life was that of a typical suburbanite… work and home. I came from lily-white suburb and my friendships reflected that.

But once I went to the School of Social Work my world opened up for me. Many times I have said grad school was the best thing that happened to me. I met so many new people from all nationalities, races and religions and I developed many great friendships.

We are a social animal, we need friends to survive. So on this 4th lets raise our glasses to friendship.

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