Friday, July 06, 2018

We Are Everywhere, In Every Business

Even in places you would never think that we were… like organized crime from the 70s.
Amazing life of transgender gangster Mr Gill
The transgender community is apoplectic that the voluptuous Marvel Avengers beauty is taking on the role of a transgender crime boss in Rub & Tug.
By Peter Sheridan
July 6, 2018

Yet lost in this battle of the sexes is the extraordinary story of the real-life mobster whom Johansson is set to portray: Dante “Tex” Gill, a woman undergoing gender reassignment who rose to control a criminal empire in the male-dominated underworld of 1970s Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Hounded by the police and hated by the Mafia – who targeted her businesses with a deadly bombing campaign – Gill was finally brought down by the same crime fighter who nailed Al Capone: the US taxman.

Born Lois Jean Gill, she insisted that mobsters and police called her “Mr Gill” as she dressed in hand-cut men’s suits and ties, ruling a string of brothels with an iron fist, while undergoing a sex-change.

She took over a string of Pittsburgh massage parlours that were flimsy covers for brothels after vice kingpin George Lee was gunned down as he left his favourite Italian restaurant in 1977.
An avowed lesbian living as a man, she fell in love with Cynthia Bruno of Dallas, Texas, “marrying” her in Hawaii.

They lived together in Pittsburgh but the relationship did not last.
She was heavily into the prostitution business which grew into a multimillion dollars industry for her and that was her down fall… just like Al Capone she was brought down by the revenuers,
But she was finally brought down by the US Treasury department, which in 1984 charged her with tax evasion.

Gill had reported her annual income as $60,000 – peanuts for the woman whose parlours could each rake in $500,000 a year.

Jailed for 13 years, she served only seven, dying in 2003 aged 72.
We are everywhere, in every type of business. As I like to say you never know where that gender dysphoria lightning bolt is going to hit.

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