Monday, July 02, 2018

We Always Get Criticism When We Do It.

When we protest hate provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos speaking at college campuses around the country we get censured for stifling free speech.

But what about the bastion of “free speech?”

But what about the citadel of the Constitution?

What about Liberty University? They have a number of court challenges against school trans policies. They challenged marriage equality. They back “religion freedom” to discriminate against us.

So you would think their campus would be a leader in “free speech…” Wrong!
‘Liberty’ University? When It Comes to Free Speech, It’s Anything But.
Now here are some surefire ways to avoid hate-speech incidents: Silence campus liberals, and don’t invite intellectuals from the other side in the first place!
The Daily Beast
By Brad Polumbo
June 30, 2018

For conservative commentators, liberal college campuses are a source of never-ending obsession. Countless hours of Fox News coverage focus on safe spaces, trigger warnings, or the latest example of “political correctness.”

But what about the few conservative campuses out there? Right-wingers spend so much time complaining about perceived campus craziness that you’d expect the few colleges they control to be beacons of free speech and campus freedom. But when you look at the most prominent Christian conservative college, Liberty University, it’s clear that this isn’t the case.
But their action speaks louder than words…
On no issue is Liberty’s hypocrisy more obvious than freedom of speech. Time and time again, university administrators betray their stated values and embrace authoritarianism. In 2016, Falwell himself censored an anti-Trump column in Liberty’s student newspaper, preventing publication of criticism of the Access Hollywood tape where Trump made grotesque comments about grabbing women. This censorship came only a week after Falwell released a statement celebrating Liberty’s commitment to free expression.
Strike One!
Administrators evidently find no shame in espousing rhetoric about free speech while simultaneously silencing their critics on campus. In 2009, Liberty “derecognized” the school’s chapter of College Democrats because the national Democratic Party is pro-choice, and dares to “promote the LGBT agenda.”
Strike Two!
When an anti-Trump Christian activist came to Liberty to pray with students, he was forcibly removed by police. The administration cited “safety” concerns, asserted their private property rights, and banned him from campus. Administrators might legally have the right to do this, and it also happens, to a lesser extent, at other private religious schools—but that doesn’t make Liberty’s hypocrisy any less heinous.
Strike Three!

Well most batters only get three strikes… but this is a fortress of Christians values so the rules don’t apply to them.
For all their talk about political correctness and free speech, Liberty administrators have essentially turned their campus into a safe space for the far right. In 2006, members of a gay rights advocacy groups were arrested when they stepped foot on Liberty’s campus. Falwell was unabashed in his explanation, saying that Liberty will not “permit them to espouse opinions or otherwise suggest beliefs... that are in opposition to the morals and values that this institution promotes.”
They cry “Free Speech!” and “Religious Freedom” but in reality they only want their free speech while stifling others.

They are charlatans of free speech, what they want is to shut up all the liberal thinkers who teach people to think for themselves and not the far right “Christians” ideology.

Today is a travel day to the Cape, when you live in New England there is only one Cape and that is Cape Cod. I’m running late, I couldn't sleep last night so at 3 AM I took a sleeping pill and woke up at 8:30. I was planning on leaving at 9 for the Cape but now it looks like 11.

This happened because I opened my house to friends who’s apartments were not air conditioned and with the feel like temperature well over a hundred and humid it could have been dangerous to them and their pets.

So as a result I am running late and writing this blog as I wait for the dryer to turn off.

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