Thursday, March 01, 2018

It Is The Simple Things

It is the simple things that make the difference, just knowing that there are people of support you can make a difference between life and death.
Simply Having a Gay Straight Alliance Reduces Suicide Risk for All Students
In schools with GSAs heterosexual boys were half as likely to attempt suicide
By Rose Eveleth
January 23, 2014

Facilitating friendships between gay and straight students benefits everyone, according to a new study from the University of British Columbia.

Students in Canadian schools with gay-straight alliances were less likely to be discriminated against, had lower odds of suicidal thoughts and had fewer suicide attempts—regardless of whether they were gay or straight.

“We know that LGBTQ students are at higher risk for suicide, in part because they are more often targeted for bullying and discrimination,” Elizabeth Saewyc, lead author of the study and professor with the UBC School of Nursing, told the UBC press office. “But heterosexual students can also be the target of homophobic bullying. When policies and supportive programs like GSAs are in place long enough to change the environment of the school, it’s better for students’ mental health, no matter what their orientation.”
There’s definitely something to be said for having school that would support and implement a GSA in the first place. But the effects that the study documented were stronger for longer-lived GSAs, which suggests that GSAs themselves are helping, too. When GSAs were around for three years or more, the numbers the researchers documented were even more impressive. Gay and bisexual boys had 70 percent lower odds of suicidal thoughts.
Connecticut has something like 140 GSAs in schools, there is almost a GSA in every schools system in Connecticut and they are very active.

There are a number of studies that have shown a drop in suicidal idealizations just by having a support network including supportive family, those thoughts drop down to the levels of the general population.

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