Saturday, March 03, 2018

Is There Life Out There?

Crazy Sam’s Is There Life Out There? (1992)

On Saturdays I take a break from the heavy stuff and have some fun…

Unfamiliar with this week's song. Hear it here.

1) This song is about a woman who married at 20. It's estimated that the average American groom is 2.5 years older than his bride. Why do you suppose that is?
Social pressure to comform?

2) A 2014 study shows the bigger the age gap in a marriage, the more likely the couple is to divorce. What do you think is the reason for most divorces?
Well since I never was married it is hard to say but from what I observed it is because people are lazy, they don’t want to work things out… it is about “Me” instead of "Us."

3) Reba's second marriage recently ended. Statistics show that second marriages are more likely than first marriages to wind up in divorce. Why do you suppose that is?
It is because they are still the same person and they are attracted to the same type of person that they married the first time.

4) This week's featured artist, Reba McEntire, was discovered when she sang The National Anthem at an Oklahoma City rodeo. Have you ever been to the rodeo?
But this year when I went to the town agriculture fair they had a rodeo there that I stopped and watched for a few minutes.

5) Reba dropped out of Southeastern Oklahoma State University to go to Nashville and pursue a recording career. In that way, she's like the woman she sings about in this week's song. "She's done what she should, should she do what she dares?" Do you ever regret a risk or opportunity you didn't take?
Well I am about to find out… I am going to make a bid on a cottage on Cape Cod.

6) Reba's heroine is "dying to try something foolish, do something crazy, or just get away." Does that sound like you? What would you do, just for yourself, if time and money were no object?
Um… buy a cottage on Cape Cod.
I am petrified about buying it… what happens is something better comes along… can I afford… am I making the right decision…
My brother said that I inherited my mother’s worrying genes.

7) Reba recently became a spokesperson for Kentucky Fried Chicken. Whose chicken do you eat most often: Popeye's, Church's, Chick-fil-A or KFC?
Well Chick-fil-A is out, they are anti-LGBT
Church’s I never heard of
KFC tastes like they serve pigeons and instead of chicken
Popeye’s they opened stores in the area but I never tried any… so I would like to try them at least once.

8) In 2001, Reba starred in her own sitcom. On the show, her character is first an administrative assistant and then a real estate agent. Have you ever tried your hand at either of those occupations? If not, which do you think you would be a better fit for you?
Well I was an administrator (I ran a testing department) so being an assistant would be nice to see it from the other side.
An a real estate agent is a people person which I am not.

9) Random question: Which of these super powers would you rather have -- extraordinary strength or invisibility?
Strength, I’ve been a ninety pound weakling all my life so it would be nice not to be the last one hiking up a trail


  1. Popeye's is fine for the price. Chick-fil-A is better, which is too bad because I refuse to eat there for the reason you listed. We vote with our wallets as well as our ballots, right?

    Good luck on the cottage! That's a big deal. No wonder you're apprehensive, but I'm sure you'll be fine.

  2. Your answer to number 3 pretty much sums up a lot of the young adults it seems.

  3. Wow, cape cod.. that’s a nice place.. I hope for the best for you in good neighbors, sturdy, comfortable home, and many beautiful times there...
    I didn’t like any of the Chicken places either. Well, Church’s isn’t here and we like Chipotle; I’ve been reminded. Enjoy the weekend, Diana.

  4. Oh, a new home purchase! That's very exciting. I wish you much luck with it.

  5. #6 is exciting! I can't wait to hear details!

  6. Spot on about divorce, I'd say. I've not been to Cape Cod, but hope to see it one day. I hope you get your cottage and enjoy it for years!