Sunday, March 11, 2018

Ba Humbug!

The time change has thrown me off my schedule.

I am not a big fan of DST, it is too stressful for to many people because it throws our rhythm off. Did you know that there is an increase in car accidents, there is an increase in heart attacks and strokes, and it affects the economy?

One time back in the seventies when I was doing field service and I was in Xeon Ohio during the spring time shift, I was eating breakfast at a rural dinner. I overheard two farmers talking, one farmer said to the other that he hated the time change because the cow were late for milking and it threw off the cows their schedule. I felt like turning around and asking them “Why don’t you just milk them an hour earlier?”

But for many of us we are locked into our schedule by our jobs, we can’t just say I’m working an hour earlier. For older persons like me it is not as bad because I am on no fixed schedule, I can wake up at the same old time and it is not a problem. However, if you work on a factory floor or a retail store they have fixed hours.

I think the time has come to question once again the wisdom of DST.

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