Sunday, October 22, 2017

The Party’s Over… Fantasia Fair Day 6

Well I’m all packed and heading down to the Sage Inn for the brunch and saying goodbyes until next year, then I head back home.

Saturday was a very productive day, all morning I was cottage hunting and I looked at six places, there’re are two that are promising, one a “fixer upper” and right now it is a dump.

Then it was lunch time and I had lunch at Sage Inn, I didn’t realize it was such a long walk and walking all the way back to the Boatslip I was beat so I skipped the keynote today and read until the afternoon workshop which was “Transgender Health: What You Need to Know” and it was giving by Lauren Abern, MD. After the workshop I asked if she would be interested in giving a workshop at our conference.

In the evening there was the “Gala Awards Banquet” where they recognize those individuals who make the Fair special. The food and company was excellent!
I will tell you after a week of walking around Provincetown, I am beat!

If you come to Fantasias Fair you will get your exercise, the meals and the night entertainment are all down in the center of the town while the workshops are all down in the south end of town and up on a small hill. But the end of the fair you will be dragging your ass around.

Anywhere you go you can be harassed even in LGBT friendly Provincetown.

I was walking down to the Gala Awards Banquet and the “Tea Dance” was going on at the motel and the smokers were all standing out in front of the motel on the road. The tea dance caters to mainly gays and to some extent lesbians, well while walking out of the motel I had to walk by the group of men one of them said “That is an ugly woman!” and another reply “That’s no woman that’s a tranny!” and they all started to laughing. I heard some of them make other comments about “trannies.”

So there are always assholes wherever you go, no place is immune.


  1. Nope the world is full of smug ignoramus pricks to be sure who don't have the faintest idea of what they are talking about. The last time I got a stupid comment from someone who thought they were being clever I put them in their place right on front of two other people and they just shut up and turned beet red. You go girl...

  2. I'm sorry you had to be subjected to that. The words spoken by both of those men, and the laughter that ensued, showed all of them to be ugly; ugly in the true sense.

  3. As a gay man, I prefer queer, I am very sorry that some gays acted the way those creeps did towards you. I hope you could have just held up your head, and went on your way. You mean a hell of a lot to many of us home here in Ct. I guess we will never educated so many of the L and G community and I wonder if it is even worth trying. Solidarity I guess not, if we don't have it now what the hell will we do when push comes to shove?

    I also want to say I have enjoyed your stories about the fair very much. Thanks Diana and know many of us got your and all Trans folks backs.

  4. I feel bad that that happened. Just another episode of bullies emboldened by the Big Bully in our White House.