Sunday, October 08, 2017

I Remember When…

Colleges and universities banned ROTC on campuses because of the military ban gays and lesbians in the military, well now it is time to ban ROTC on campuses because of the ban on us from entering the military.
ROTC student takes on transgender military ban: 'I still want to fight for my country'
USA Today
By Susan Miller
October 5, 2017

A passion for patriotism has been a constant coursing through Dylan Kohere’s short life.

When he was in the sixth grade, dreams of a military career started to crystallize. In high school, he weighed enlisting after graduation.

The Mount Olive Township, N.J., native eventually decided the smartest path would be college and enrollment in the Army's Reserve Officers' Training Corps.

Military service is “the thing I wanted to do, hoped to do my entire life,” he said.

But now Kohere, 18, is on the front lines in a battle he never imagined — as a plaintiff in the first lawsuit challenging President Trump’s directive to reinstate a ban on transgender people serving in the military, a ban that could crush the college freshman’s aspirations.
“I worked for years to become physically able and ready enough to serve,” said Kohere in an exclusive interview with USA TODAY. “To be told I couldn’t simply because of how I identify was really frustrating.”
He is not alone,
And many take the ROTC route. “There are many more Dylans out there,” he said.
Colleges and universities will placed in the middle of the ban because,
A transgender ban would “create a huge, destructive mess” on campuses, Minter said, thrusting schools back into the don’t ask/don’t tell era.

A ban would also conflict with states that have laws prohibiting bias based on gender identity and could lead to the demise of ROTC programs that did not want to be forced to embrace discriminatory practices, Minter said.
It is time for the schools to step up to obey the law and not discriminate.

It is time for the schools to step up like they do back in the era of DADT and ban ROTC on campus.

It is time for the students to step up and demand that ROTC on campuses be shut down.


  1. Yes.. no militarism on campuses

  2. YES! No Militarism anywhere. Let us fight for the day when we abolish the military and get rid of this unjust society where Trans folks can not get jobs, an education or much of anything else unless they join up and become another one of Uncle Scams Scabs in Uniforms. Let us fight for the day when all of us can get exactly what is needed without having to risk our lives in fighting some rich man’s war when the rich man's sons and daughters do not risk anything.
    So it becomes our responsibility to work hard, fast and furious for the day all of us do not have to kill just to get an education, a job or medical benefits. The day when the poor, when Trans, Lesbian, Gay, Bi and straight can be freely educated, hold a job and receive medical benefits along with their rich peers. Let us not hold up centuries of oppression centuries of using us and centuries of thinking that we must kill and risk our lives for benefits that are freely and fully given to straights and the wealthy.
    Let us fully understand that we will not gain our freedom or liberation by reforms. What is happening today is a good example of whey reform does not work. Socialist Feminist Revolutionary Gloria Martin once said, “We have to change the system or we will be fighting the same old battles over and over again year after year.”

    Happy OUTSTORY Month to all.