Friday, October 06, 2017

My Alma Mater

One of my alma maters, Rochester Institute of Technology has gotten into hot water for firing a doctor who was treating trans patients.
RIT defends firing of doctor over transgender care
Democrat and Chronicle
Justin Murphy
October 5, 2017

Rochester Institute of Technology is facing at least three state-level civil rights complaints relating to the dismissal earlier this year of a staff doctor who was managing hormone replacement therapy for transgender students.

The doctor, Annamaria Kontor, was on staff at the college's Student Health Center. She is a pediatrician who had attended, at RIT's expense, several training sessions on hormone replacement therapy (HRT), and was monitoring that therapy for a handful of students until she was fired May 24.

She points to unanimous guidance from professional organizations that primary care doctors, with some basic training, are capable of monitoring HRT for patients. RIT, like other area colleges, does not have specific written policy on the topic.

Nonetheless, Kontor's termination letter stated: "The Student Health Center's practice prohibits prescribing hormone therapy for the purpose of gender transition."
The student has filed a Title IX complaint,
Roy filed a Title IX complaint alleging discrimination and also initiated a petition through RIT's student government, gathering 431 signatures. It has not yet received a response; student government leaders did not respond to a request for comment. OUTspoken, an LGBTQ group on campus, hosted a forum on transgender health last week.
Good luck with the Title IX complaint with Betsy DeVos as Secretary of Education.

Now we see how well the new regulations that ban discrimination and harassment against transgender people works. Will it cover health insurance? Will it protect the trans students?

You might remember that back in 2002 a backroom deal dropped us from the bill to protect LGBT from discrimination, they promised at the time that they (the LGB activists) to come back and pass a law protecting us, after around fourteen years of trying, the governor issued a regulation protecting us from discrimination. Everyone gave “high fives” and pats on the back and walked away claiming victory. Well we have seen how regulations have worked under the Trump administration… they just rewrote all the policies that president Obama put in place; now let’s see how well the governor’s regulations work.

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