Sunday, October 01, 2017

Hate Around The World And At Home

Around the world governments are giving the green light on hate. Neo-Fascist and theocracies have found the new scapegoats to focus their hate upon and it is us.
Azerbaijan Detains Dozens of Gay and Transgender People
The New York Times
By Ivan Nechepurenko
September 29, 2017

MOSCOW — More than 50 gay and transgender people in Azerbaijan’s capital, Baku, were detained and abused in a series of raids over the past week, lawyers and rights activists said.

The Azerbaijani government said the raids were prompted by multiple complaints from local residents, who had urged the police to crack down on the illegal sex trade in central Baku, a city of more than two million.

However, lawyers and activists said that most of those detained were not engaged in prostitution and that the accusations were used as a pretext for persecution.

Samed Rahimli, a lawyer assisting the victims, said the police had “targeted homosexuals in general, not prostitutes as they have claimed.”

“The detained were subjected to inhuman treatment and torture,” he said. “Their heads were shaved, some were electroshocked.”
And Azerbaijan is not alone,
The crackdown elicited comparisons to tactics seen in the Chechnya region of Russia, where dozens of gay men were detained, and in some cases tortured and some killed, in a crackdown in April.
Then we have the theocracies…
Indonesia To Pass Law Banning All LGBT Characters On TV
The broadcasting bill will also stop the media from reporting on LGBT rights.
By Brandon Voss
September 30, 2017

Indonesia’s House of Representatives is set to pass a law that will ban all LGBT characters from television programs broadcast in the country, the Jakarta Post reports.

“We can’t allow LGBT behavior on TV. It is against our culture,” says NasDem Party representative Supiadin Aries Saputra. “We have to ban it early before it becomes a lifestyle. It’s dangerous and can ruin the morality of the younger generation.”

In compliance with the new broadcasting bill, all TV programs would need to be screened by a censorship bureau, including commercials and documentaries. This bill would also prevent news media from reporting on any LGBT rights issues.

Although homosexuality is technically not a crime in most of Indonesia, the semi-autonomous northern province of Aceh, which has been governed by Sharia law since 2001, adopted a measure in 2015 that punishes same-sex relations with up to 100 lashes.

Aceh caned 339 people last year for offenses such as gambling to adultery, but the caning of two gay men in May, which appears to be Indonesia’s first public caning as a punishment for homosexuality, attracted unwanted international attention.

The gay men, ages 23 and 20, were given 83 lashes each in front of some 3,000 spectators. The men had been arrested in March after neighbors barged into their rented room and detained them while police arrived.
Think about this.

The Republican senatorial candidate Roy Moore said “Homosexual Conduct Should Be Illegal” and Trump federal judge nominee Jeff Mateer said transgender children are part of 'Satan's plan', defended 'conversion therapy.'

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