Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Our Rights Are On The Line Again

This time in Greece, they are debating if we should get out human rights to self determination and to control our bodies.
Greece to decide on transgender rights
Redefining transgender rights is a divisive topic in Greece.
October 10, 2017

A divisive debate is due to come to a head in Greece. Transgender people could soon be able to choose the sex the identify best with from the age of 15, if a bill proposed by the ruling Syriza Party is passed.

The prime minister was scathing in his criticism of the opposition.

“Staying in Europe does not mean only applying austerity measures. As the opposition, you choose Europe for its austerity, but on human rights you choose to be anachronistic, you choose to be very conservative. In both cases, you make the worst choice”, said Alexis Tsipras.
According to the article the bill will probably pass but at a cost of political capital to the prime ministry, for that I thank him that he was willing to stand up for us.

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