Monday, July 29, 2013

Thrown Under The Bus Again.

First the good news about marriage equality in Australia…
New South Wales gay marriage report pushing reform in other states
A report by a New South Wales state parliamentary committee that found that Australian states can make laws in regard to same-sex marriage may lead to same-sex couples being able to wed in South Australia and in the nation’s capital of Canberra
Gay Star News
29 July 2013
By Andrew Potts

South Australia may vote again on same-sex marriage, but this time it is likely Opposition MPs will be given a conscience vote on the issue – meaning the bill may pass.

Last week South Australian Opposition leader Steven Marshall told The Australian newspaper that he would allow his MPs a conscience vote on the issue if a New South Wales (NSW) state parliamentary inquiry found that states could legislate for same-sex marriage – and on Friday the committee did just that.
Now for the bad news…
NSW marriage equality bill excludes trans and intersex
Gay News Network
Author Cec Busby
29 July 2013

A NSW parliamentary report released on Friday saying state-based marriage law was not unconstitutional was cause for celebration amongst the LGBTI community, but when news surfaced that a new marriage equality bill would exclude trans and intersex, LGBTI activist groups were alarmed.
That is OK, just another set of tire track over our bodies.

The article goes on to state…
Community Action Against Homophobia immediately sent out a release condemning the marginalisation of trans and intersex people in the proposed bill.

CAAH Co-Convenor Cat Rose said “The exemption of trans and intersex people's rights shows they haven't shifted nearly far enough. Our campaign has been for full equality for everyone, we don't settle for concessions and we won't stand for this transphobia and the invisibilising of intersex people."
Um… did CAAH call for the bill to be voted down or pulled? Ah… no, but don’t worry we’ll come back for you.

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