Saturday, July 20, 2013

Saturday Six #484

Patrick’s Place Saturday Six #484

1. What is your favorite song and why?
Lola by the Kinks… three guesses.

2. What is your favorite band and why?
The Grateful Dead, I was a “Dead Head” it was more than music there was a who culture that was part of the Dead.

3. What is your favorite place to vacation and why?
I don’t have one particular spot other than the cottage. I like the Maine’s coast, Cape Cod and I would like to go out West again.

4. What is your favorite local restaurant and why?
The Blue Lobster… well because they have lobster need I say more?

5. Who is your favorite living relative and why?
My brother and I think reason is obvious

6. What is your favorite pet (current or past) and why?
My brother had labradors, I never had any pets

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