Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Here Is A Novel Idea.

A trans-women playing a trans-woman. I think the only other time it was done was in the TV show “Dirty Sexy Money” with Candis Cayne playing a high end call girl and she was only a minor character on the show. Now on Orange Is the New Black, Netflix’s original series that debuted on July 11, a trans-women is playing a major character in the show. There is an article in The Daily Beast about the show...
For the first time in TV history, a transgender character is at the forefront of a show and being portrayed by a black transgender woman. (Transgender is an umbrella term that also includes transsexuals.) Laverne Cox plays Sophia Burset, a former firefighter sent to prison for using credit cards stolen from the wreckage of fires she helped put out. In prison, she acts as a hairdresser, friend, and political conscience for the other prisoners, while also trying to ensure access to her female hormones and repairing her relationship with her wife and son…
I can understand why it is a hit, there are plenty of boobs and lesbian sex. I only watched the first episode but I have a question, is Sophia Burset post-op in the show? I ask that because she is in a women’s prison and if she isn’t then in real life they would have put her in a men’s prison. On of the fears that trans-people have is going to jail and being placed in with their birth gender even through they transitioned.

I will update the post once I see episode two tonight.
Episode 3, leaves no doubt that she belongs in a women's jail.

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  1. Didn't the lovely and talented Alexandra Billigs play a trans woman in a Disney Channel series that didn't last about ten years ago?