Saturday, December 22, 2012

Saturday Six #545

Patrick’s Place Saturday Six #545

1. P is for PAIN: What’s your pain tolerance: do you handle pain well or are you a baby when it comes to discomfort?
Yes, I a baby when it comes to pain. I have a very low threshold for pain.

2. P is for PARTY: Are you the type that’s in the center of the action at a party, or do you wind up in a corner with a few folks you know well?
Believe it or not, I'm not a social animal, I’m the quite one sitting in the corner. I don’t socialize well.

3. P is for PAYMENT: How often do you write a check instead of paying cash or using a debit card?
It depends on where you mean, at stores I use debit card but paying bills I write checks.

4. P is for PENCIL: On the desk where your computer normally is, are there more pens or pencils?
I would be hard pressed to find a pencil anywhere in the house.

5. P is for PINTO: What is your favorite kind of bean?
When I make chili I use pinto and kidney beans and when I make baked beans I use navy beans.

6. P is for POT: Copper, Non-stick, Stainless Steel: What are most of your cooking pots made of?
Neither, I use glass pots and non-stick frying pans

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