Sunday, December 31, 2006

Year In Review

Some of the important events in my life for 2006...

“I came out to the Human Resources manager. I have known her for over ten years and have worked closely with her on some projects. I have been beating around the bush the last couple of months trying to feel her out on the subject of GLBT. So yesterday I was talking her about going to the Winterfest fund raiser for the Hartford Community Center that it was semi-formal and she said, "Oh do you have a Tux or is it Jacket and Tie?" I started to say, "Tux" when I thought; "Oh hell" now's a good time to get it out. So I told her, put it all out on the table, so to speak. She was very supportive and we talked for over an hour. In the end she wanted to know what the dress was like that I was going to wearing.” (From my geocities web-site)

Lobbyist training at the Legislature Office Building (LOB) for the Anti-Discrimination bill that was giving by a whole alphabet of organizations: CCLU, CWEALF, GLAAD, Love Makes A Family, Anti-Defamation League of Connecticut and CTAC that made up the coalition to help back the change in the anti-discrimination statues to include gender and gender expression.
Also in February I was invited to the Board meeting of Connecticut TransAdvocay Coalition.

Flew in the company’s corporate jet a Gulfstream IV, real neat! That is the way to fly.

I did something really really stupid today, I accidentally printed out my testimony for the Anti-Discriminations bill on the network printer at work today. And one of my employees read it!
I think I am going to curl up in to a ball and cry..................

I helped out at the True Colors conference as the Presenter’s Liaison (I made sure that they had everything they needed for their seminar).

I was given an Achievement Award at the Connecticut Outreach Society’s Annual Banquet.

Started my blog.

Went to Ogunquit Maine for a long weekend sponsored by COS and while I was there I went over to my brother’s for dinner. My niece was there with her son and they got to meet me as Diana for the first time. My niece’s son peeking out from behind his mother’s leg said in a small voice; “Somebody new!” and did not recognized me.

The Reverend Cannon Clinton Jones died, he was a good friend of the Twenty Club and it’s mentor. I remember him sitting quietly with his legs crossed at the Twenty Club meetings everyone once in while asking a question or two about the topic that we were discussion at the Christ Church Cathedral in Hartford where the Twenty Club use to meet.

I went to the Albany Trans Rights Conference that was sponsored by National Center for Transgender Equality and by National Gay and Lesbian Task Force. The focus of the meeting is how to get passed anti-discrimination legislation to include Gender and Gender Expression in our respective states.

I went to work for Ned Lamont’s primary campaign for U.S. Senate against Senator Lieberman

I also went to the NOW fundraiser for Ned Lamont and met the Vice President of NOW

Lamont wins primary!

I joined the Advisory Committee on the TransHealth Conference.

They announced at work that they are shutting down the factory beginning next year.

I came out to my cousins and their kids, they were very accepting.

My nephew and his wife meet me as Diana for the first time when they stop by to pick up their car that I was using.

I went to the open house at Uconn School of Social Work.

I registered for night classes at Uconn.

I went to my first family function as Diana on Christmas Day


  1. wow! What a tremendous year. So glad our paths crossed in 2006 and I look forward to more path crossing on '07
    Happy New Year!

  2. An amazing year full of events, both big and small, yet all life-changing! I've really enjoyed reading your blog this year.

    All the best in 2007!