Friday, December 08, 2006

Outreach at SCSU

I did an Outreach (Give a lecture or panel discussion) at a university in the southern part of the state yesterday. There were two classes that I took part in panel discussions both classes were Human Sexuality classes taught by the same professor and there were three of us on the panel; a crossdresser, an FtM and myself. Both classes had about 25 -30 students but the first class had only one male students and the second class it was about six or seven also out of 25 -30 students, also the second class the men were mostly sports majors. The differences in the classes were pronounced, in the first they asked many question and just about everyone were asking questions including the only guy. But in the second class the questions were few and far between, with only a small number of students were asking questions. Most of the question came from the women with only one or two men asking questions. One of the guys was asking some really good questions, one question was to the FtM about the effects of testosterone, if it made him angry or moody. I later found out he was not one of the sports majors. Most of the guys in the second class just sat there with their arms folded, legs wide open and a frown on their face, they were basically saying, I don’t want to be here, this is too weird form me.
After the classes the three of us went out to dinner and we put on quite a show for the staff, the behaved like junior high students. They all had to take a peek at the trannies, it seemed like kitchen help all had to step out in to the dinning room to dry their hands and take a look at us.

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