Friday, December 15, 2006

3x Thursday

1. When the weather changes (say, it rains when it usually doesn't), do you think traffic behavior is different? How so/how not?
Everyone panics when they forecast snow but rain doesn’t slow them down. Even with car off in the ditches nothing slows down those big SUV’s.

2. What about when the kiddies don't have school? Do you see the traffic patterns change then? Does it affect you at all?
Traffic get lighter, there must be an awful lots of mother’s driving their kids to school and an equal number of kids driving cars to school.

3. Accidents...accidents *always* muck up traffic. Seen any bad ones lately? Are there more accidents when the weather changes?
No, I have been lucky and haven’t seen and bad accident lately. When it starts to snow you start seeing all the crazies off stuck in the ditch or stuck in the median.

Bonus Question for Comments: Given the choice of driving or not ever driving (say, full public transportation is available), which would you choose? Why?
I think I would take public transportation to work, but not for shopping trip. I wouldn’t want to deal with taking shopping bags on a bus. I do however take the train if I am going in New York City.

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