Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Vote Or Shut-Up!

Today is a day to finally give voice to your beliefs... vote! There is no excuse for not voting, this election is so close that every vote will count.

If you don't vote then you should shut up because you gave up the one thing that gives you voice. No polls, no letters-to-the-editor, no blog, no Facebook comments counts, what does count is your vote.
Why Vote?
Huffington Post
Posted: 09/22/2014

Things are looking pretty bleak in the political world these days. Sure, Congress didn't shut down the government this time around, but gridlock still dominates the halls of Washington. We're still waiting on commonsense immigration reform, a raise in the federal minimum wage, extension of unemployment insurance for those still affected by a sluggish economy, real action on climate change, among a host of other challenges that confront our country and that require urgent attention.

Why vote?

Vote because every election matters. Vote because the choices you will make matter. Vote because elections aren't simply about your representatives in Washington or who is president. Who you choose this November to lead your local and state governments -- whether as your governor, mayor, city council member, or your state senator -- will have a serious impact on the life of your community. When we vote for our state and local officials, we make choices that will have very direct and concrete effects on our daily lives.

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