Sunday, November 09, 2014

It’s About Time

That we are able to change the gender marker on our birth certificate without surgery,
Process to be eased for transgender people in R.I. to revise gender designation on birth certificates
Province Journal
BY Karen Lee Ziner Journal Staff Writer
Published: October 25, 2014

PROVIDENCE — Two advocacy organizations are praising new “vital records” regulations that will ease the process for transgender people to revise their gender designation on their birth certificates.
The regulations, filed Thursday with the secretary of state’s office, will go into effect on Nov. 11, says state health regulations coordinator Bill Dundulis.

Until now, the Rhode Island Department of Health essentially required gender reassignment surgery in order to change the gender designation on a birth certificate.

The new policy will allow a gender marker change based on a medical provider’s certification that the individual has undergone surgical and/or hormone treatment “or other treatment appropriate for the individual.”
There are many reasons why trans-people do not have surgery; for some they have an existing medical condition that precludes surgery except in medical emergencies, some cannot afford it even with insurance coverage because insurance only picks up a fraction of the costs, and also because many trans-people do not need surgery to be whole. The first rule of medicine is do no harm, so if the gender dysphoria is abated by transitioning and/or hormones there is no need for further medical intervention.

The Model State Vital Statistics Act and Regulations (Model Law) that is under review includes provisions to change the gender marker on birth certificates without surgery, Social Security and passports gender markers can be changed without surgery and here in Connecticut so can your driver license. All you need is a letter from your treating healthcare provider. It is time for Connecticut to change their policy.

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