Thursday, January 25, 2007


I am swamped with homework! Read this! Write this paper! All my free time is taken up reading now. When I wake up two or there in the morning I use to turn on the TV and watch some old movie on AMC, now I pick up the book on social theories and starting reading; boy, does that get me back to sleep quickly.
In my “Marco Theories: Human Behavior in a Social Environment” class I feeling a little bit better, but I still worry about the mid-term test. And I am also starting to interact with my fellow students.
In my other class, “New Perspectives on Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals and Transgender” we met for the first time this week and I like the classroom dynamics more than my other class. We seem to get along a lot better, maybe because most of the students are older and more mature. The professors (There are two; one gay and one lesbian.) had us do an icebreaker; we had to tell to the person next to us something about ourselves. I was telling the woman next to me that I do outreach at local colleges and she said, “So do I” it turns out the she is the Treasurer of the Connecticut chapter of the Stonewall Speakers. As we talked some more it turns out that we have mutual friends and also she remembered me from the True Colors conference.
Well back to work…

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warmsmiles954860 said...

CONGRADULATIONS LADY DIANA !!!! It is Fabulous to hear that you got into the classes that you wanted, yea! I hear what you are saying about getting through the reading. I always remember one book I wanted to read soo badly for my P.S. class. It was on Clinton's Health Care Policy from the perspective of a woman with a PhD from Yale who had been involved. I could not get through more than 2 pages at a time, just couldn't stay focused. After a few attempts, I grabbed a pencil and decided I would underline every word if I had to. I started doing that, then I started writing my own little paragraph summaries in the margins, then I started writing little questions about the writing in the margins, my own little critiques. All just to stay focused, to be able to read the book, and it worked great! I was one of the few in the class to have read it. I realized half way through the book why it was so very difficult to stay focused on, you'll never guess. It wasn't that the material was too difficult; it was the author's grammar!!!! Ugh, she was all over the place. I showed our professor when she complained about not enough people reading the book, she responded, "Wow, you are right, but the author has a PhD from Yale..." So, beware, just another example that it's not always about you, sometimes it's the author... I hope this helps. I know you are much smarter than I. Again, I am soo happy for you!