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The Republicans Are Running A Campaign of Fear And Hate.

[I keep harping on the elections and the hate because I don't like the way this country is heading, I do not like the hateful rhetoric and as the target of their hate I am concerned that trans people will die and it could be me because their hate targets activist. And the only way I see to change the direction is to get the moderates to vote.]

Fear of the “Other” is what is driving many of the elections across the country.

Replacement theories, hunting RINOs: How GOP candidates, lawmakers push 'dangerous' language
USA Today via Yahoo News
By Candy Woodall
July 9, 2022

A number of GOP candidates have spent hundreds of millions on ads this campaign season pushing replacement theories and other racially charged conspiracies, while also targeting fellow Republicans who don't fall in line with the far-right base.

During the 2022 midterm cycle, more than 2,700 ads have aired on television and social media focusing on racist tropes, according to a compilation by America's Voice, a progressive immigration advocacy group.

More than 100 directly mentioned the racist Great Replacement Theory and "invasion" language, accusing Democrats of deliberately encouraging migrants to cross the southern border illegally to replace white voters. And more than 300 ads cite critical race theory, claiming Democrats are trying to indoctrinate children with fake history lessons about systemic racism against Blacks, according to a USA TODAY analysis.

Critics say the ads can be effective but come with a societal cost.

"Without a doubt, there are serious downstream violent consequences," said Zachary Mueller, political director of America's Voice, a progressive immigration advocacy group.


Experts who study language, rhetoric and communication see a disturbing pattern between a string of violent incidents across the country and an increase in "dangerous" language from Republican candidates and sitting GOP members of Congress in ads, social media posts and speeches.

While there's no direct one-to-one connection between one campaign ad and a person or group carrying out a crime, "there is a really clear relationship between the hateful speech of politicians and hateful acts," said Sophie Bjork-James, an expert on racism who teaches at Vanderbilt University.

That is the reason why they are using hate speech is to rally their voters to vote them, angry voters vote!

And it is bring forth violence, according to the article...

  • For example, the Republican candidates' claims that liberals were "grooming" children by pushing for LGBTQI+ rights were repeated by the Proud Boys when the extremist street gang disrupted a drag queen story hour on June 11 in California.
  • A Buffalo gunman who has been charged with a hate crime for the mass shooting of 10 Black shoppers at a Buffalo supermarket referenced the racist replacement theory 10 times in his writings before the shooting. The gunman said Black people were "replacers" of white Americans.
  • Three days after the Buffalo shooting, when it was widely known that the gunman espoused racist replacement theories, Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, called the border crisis "an invasion."
  • It's not just Democrats, immigrants or drag queens in the cros [sic] hairs. GOP candidates and lawmakers who have not embraced the aggressive language of the far right also are being targeted.
  • Eric Greitens, a former Missouri governor running for U.S. Senate this year, drew criticism from both parties when he released a new ad on social media June 20 in which he was carrying a gun and told the audience: "Today we are going RINO hunting."

Their hate knows no bounds

But the Republicans have a fallback-plan just in case their hate doesn’t work… the friendly Supreme Court change the meaning of a word in the Constitution.

Why Republicans want to redefine one word in the Constitution
By Zachary B. Wolf
July 6, 2022


Next up could be a complete re-imagining of American democracy, where, if a legal theory based on the word “legislature” is adopted by the Supreme Court, state lawmakers could, in theory, have new power to ignore voters and pick presidents.

The conservative-majority court has agreed to hear a North Carolina case that pits the state’s GOP-controlled legislature against state courts that threw out congressional maps they said were gerrymandered.

This is why it matters and what are they trying to do?

What’s the independent state legislature theory?

The Constitution refers specifically to the “legislature” in each state determining the time and manner of federal elections.

Backers of the “Independent State Legislature Claim” argue that since the Constitution doesn’t name other parts of state government – including courts – they should have no power to check the legislature on the subject of federal elections. Even if a state’s constitution or laws give power to courts or a governor, the theory argues legislatures should be able to ignore them.

After string of Supreme Court setbacks, Democrats wonder whether Biden White House is capable of urgency moment demands

The seeds for this idea, according to the liberal-leaning Brennan Center for Justice, come from a concurring opinion by then-Supreme Court Chief Justice William Rehnquist in the Bush v. Gore decision that settled the 2000 presidential election.

What’s the most-extreme scenario?

Here’s what CNN’s Ariane de Vogue and Gregory Krieg wrote: “If the theory is embraced by the Supreme Court’s conservative supermajority, critics say, rogue legislators would be freed to act without any constraints by courts in their states.”

The Washington Post editorial board pointed out Tuesday that the Supreme Court, which has already said it lacks authority to address gerrymandering, may now take that power away from state courts as well. The end result, according to the Post: “…state legislatures — their own makeup the result of heavy gerrymandering — could contort congressional districts at will to ensure one party has the advantage, playing with how much every individual’s vote really counts.”

Republicans don’t like voters they cannot control them so they are rigging the system to make voter superfluous.

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  1. The TG community at large, and its allies, must stop being quiet on the sidelines. The attack by Gov. DiSantis in FL, and many Republicans across the country, on trans and gay people is fascist in content and extremely dangerous to our democracy and the health and safety of all LGBTQ+ people. Ties to seriously organize to counter this, and to organize for the safety of all affected. Rise up people! -- Deborah Sawyer