Tuesday, July 26, 2022

American Women

American woman, I'm gonna mess your mind
(Guess Who – American Women)

You have to wonder how the Republicans are different from the Taliban? What was one of the first things that they did when they took power? They subjugated women.

Republicans are Russia and American women are Ukraine
Opinion: The GOP goal, using both Congress and the radically stacked Supreme Court, is to make women conform to a warped, evangelical-based notion of females as chattel.
Arizona Republic
By EJ Montini
July 25, 2022

There is no more sovereign territory than a person’s body.

And since the U.S. Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, eliminating reproductive freedom for the first time in 50 years, Republicans in Congress and those in control of state houses around the country have decided to stage an all-out attack on women.

The GOP goal, using both Congress and the radically stacked Supreme Court, is to declare dominion over the female population in the fashion of “The Handmaid’s Tale.”

Or, if you eschew contemporary dystopian fiction in favor of current events, look at it this way: Republicans are Russia and American women are Ukraine.

It’s an invasion, an occupation, with the goal of complete supremacy.

The editorial goes on to say, 205 House Republicans voted against House bill that restated what the Constitution guarantees, travel between the states! 195 Republicans voted no to protect a women’s right to birth control! And 157 Republicans voted no to protect same-sex marriage!

And it is stalled in the Senate, where Democratic Sen. Patty Murray of Washington said, “Let’s be really clear what that means: They (Republicans) want to hold women captive in their own states. They want to punish women and anyone who might help them for exercising their constitutional right to travel within our country to get the services that they need in another state. I hope everyone really observes how extreme and how radical and how un-American that is.”

If the Republicans are truly pro-life then why do they vote against WIC, and family medical leave all the time? Why did they vote against the Child Tax Credit Act during COVID? If they are pro-life why do they block adoptions by same-sex couples.

The dark message the GOP is sending to women is: You can’t travel where you want to travel. You can’t receive the medical care you want. You can’t purchase the health care products you need. And you can’t marry the person you love.

It is nothing less than stripping away the autonomy of an entire gender, forcing them to conform to a warped, religious-based notion of females as chattel.

If this puzzles you, it should.

Remember when Republican states passed anti-Sharia law?

USA Today had an article back in 2019…

The special interest groups and lawmakers who sponsor their bills say they’re protecting Americans from Islamic extremism and terrorism. But the bills have had little practical impact.

But now they are trying to pass the exact same laws that the Taliban have pass over in Afghanistan limiting women’s rights that tell women what they can do with their bodies and where they can travel. The AZ Central article ends with…

Now they are taking a page from what was considered to be a terrorist regime’s playbook, trying to impose a twisted form of evangelical Sharia law on women and transforming the GOP into an American Taliban.

The dystopic novel “The Handmaid’s Tale” is coming to life one law at a time.

American woman, I'm gonna mess your mind

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