Friday, July 01, 2022

Feign Indignity

But then what do you expect from Fox News when you speak the truth.

Florida Dept of Health slams Rachel Levine for 'character assassination' over trans youth comments
Levine said 'every major medical association agrees: gender-affirming care is life-saving'
By Jon Brown , Emma Colton
June 28, 2022

The Florida Department of Health slammed U.S. Assistant Secretary for Health Rachel Levine for "poorly attempted character assassination" over recent comments celebrating "gender-affirming care" for youths and decrying "opponents of LGBTQ equality" who have "targeted trans and queer youth to score political points."

"The Surgeon General is opposed to experimental and irreversible medical treatments on children and teenagers that suffer from gender dysphoria," Florida Department of Health spokesman Jeremy T. Redfern told Fox News Digital. "The idea that this makes anyone at the Department of Health an ‘opponent of LGBTQ equality’ is nothing more than a poorly attempted character assassination."

So by speaking the truth the Florida Department of Health feels slighted.

It is true that 'every major medical association agrees: gender-affirming care is life-saving' so what is the problem? They do not like getting caught in a lie?

What the U.S. Assistant Secretary for Health Dr. Rachel Levine said was,

"Opponents of LGBTQ equality have targeted trans and queer youth to score political points, all to distract from the fact that they do not have any solutions to the problems that we face today. They have stooped so low as to try to punish parents criminally for seeking gender-affirming care for their children who need it," Levine, who was speaking in a personal capacity, said during the town hall.

"Every major medical association agrees: gender-affirming care is life-saving, medically necessary, age-appropriate and a critical tool for health care providers," Levine continued.

The truth hurts.

Lets see what the AMA has to say about healthcare for trans youth.

The American Medical Association (AMA) today strengthened its established position opposing the governmental intrusion into the practice of medicine that is detrimental to the health of transgender and gender-diverse children and adults.

How about the Endocrine Society?

The Endocrine Society opposes legislative efforts that do not conform to medical evidence and clinical practice to prevent transgender and gender diverse adolescents from accessing gender-affirming medical care.

And the American Academy of Pediatrics

In a gender-affirmative care model (GACM), pediatric providers offer developmentally appropriate care that is oriented toward understanding and appreciating the youth’s gender experience. A strong, nonjudgmental partnership with youth and their families can facilitate exploration of complicated emotions and gender-diverse expressions while allowing questions and concerns to be raised in a supportive environment.

And their take on puberty blockers?

Gonadotrophin-releasing hormones have been used to delay puberty since the 1980s for central precocious puberty. These reversible treatments can also be used in adolescents who experience gender dysphoria to prevent development of secondary sex characteristics and provide time up until 16 years of age for the individual and the family to explore gender identity, access psychosocial supports, develop coping skills, and further define appropriate treatment goals. If pubertal suppression treatment is suspended, then endogenous puberty will resume.

However what the Department of Health said,

The Florida ​​Department of Health released guidance in April advising doctors in the state not to assist transgender teens and children with gender reassignment surgery or prescribe them puberty blockers. The guidance pushed back on federal guidance from the Biden administration and argued that there is a "lack of conclusive evidence" on the safety and psychological impact that hormone treatments have on youths, warning of a "potential for long-term, irreversible effects."

And the National Association of Social Workers (Which I am a member) also commended the anti-trans laws.

NASW stands against all efforts to limit the fundamental civil liberties of transgender youth, and their access to essential health services. We must remain vigilant in guarding ourselves against this climate of fear and disinformation by remaining anchored to our professional and enduring commitment to respecting dignity and worth of the all people and to challenging the injustices that befall vulnerable and oppressed people.

Not only that but not treating a trans child would be a violation their Code of Ethics.

So it appears that Dr. Levine told the truth and the Florida Department of Health lied.

It is scary when a government agency lie outright, no wounder the Republicans think all government agencies lie be the Republicans do.

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